Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Change Of Plan..

Okay, so there may have been some slight difficulties in filming in that one of our actors has dropped out. Thus causing us some minor (MAJOR!) problems with the plotline and continuity of the video.

To resolve this issue, we decided to change the plotline (just a tad) and this is how it's going to look (you know minus all of the writing)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Single Cover..

This is my cover to the single used for our music video.

The reason I have chosen this picture is because the pose of the model(me) is stereotypically sexually appealing to the audience. Looking directly down the camera intises them to look at the single and then potentially buy it. The brightness of the hair (not photoshopped) also adds a kind of edge to the star which links with the type of dance music that it is. It also clashes nicly with the other colours I've used orange and yellow and black and white, which will then attract the audiences attention more to the single, without being too garish or lurid.

I've also decided to change the identity of the singer from being Joss.Mag to J.Me. I've decided to do this because I think the name sounds much cooler (for want of a better word) and also sounds a bit more like someone a Dj like David Guetta would want to work with.

This is the back behind the cover. This gives a special thanks to everyone in the video, and also provides an excellent forum for advertising for the production company Beau Productions.

The colour matches the rest of the colour scheme of more pastel colours, and I also decided to include the artists signatures to add a more personal touch for the fans.

This is the place for my actual CD. I decided to use a different picture of the artist to give a bit more edge to the piece, and also shows the artist in a different light which becomes more appealing to the audience. Her pose is in a more 'attitude' kind of style, which gives her much more of a cool edge.

Also the photo is deliberately made to have a film grain effect on it to make it
look more old and retro, which is very much in fashion now.

The back to my pack, is slightly darker than the rest of the CD in order to attract attention to the use of remixes on the song list, and also to just add a bit more variation to the piece. By using the song title as the main background it also reminds the audience of what they're listening to so it really sticks with their heads. It also creates a logo in a sense of the song, so it then becomes branded with the artist and also creates potential for a T-shirt or clothing line to be created out of it.