Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Monday, 19 October 2009

Research Continued..

-The target audience for this magazine are probably aged between 16-25 years old due to the fact that there are quite modern bands and artists on there. (E.g Lil Wayne, Duffy, My Bloody Valentine).

- Duffy (the model) is in a sexualised pose. She's wearing little clothing and is leaning towards the audience, whilst also keeping contact with them. She's drawing them in and tempting them to buy the product, even the placement of her hand is almost drawing you in as well.

- Genre of this magazine is unusual in that you don't see many magazines that are specifically aimed at the indie demographic. Music magazines are usually aimed at the rock and pop genres with indie as a background feature.

Music Magazine Research

- Target audience age range 18-35 years old. We know this because of the artists included on the front cover are seen to be as more old school type genre. E.g Beastie Boys, The Prodigy and The Killers.
- Simple colour scheme of red, black and white. Attention grabbing colours, conventional of Q magazine as its been used for many years.
- Typical magazine cover conventions:
*-- Magazine title is slightly obscured by the models, this is a well known magazine so it isn't necessary to see the whole name.
*-- Price, issue date and bar codes are all included on this piece.
*-- 3/4 Fonts used on this piece.
*-- Justified text.
*-- Banner across the top bearing the tagline "The UK's biggest music magazine."

Personal Thoughts; I really like this cover. Its eye catching attracts the attention of the target audience straight away. It also appeals to me as I listen to the type of music on this cover and like the magazine anyway, so as a consumer I would buy this. It deffinitely ticks all the boxes.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

School Magazine; Contents Page

My contents page has been designed to have the Heworth Grange website as text as the background. I decided to do this because it added variation to the plain blue background I had originally decided upon. It also has the added effect of advertising the website again.

I used pictures on this page to show different stories and also to make the page more interesting. The photographs I used were basic and unedited, apart from cropping to remove excess space, because it's only a school magazine and doesn't need to be too flash and exciting, otherwise it will cost too much to print.

I used three fonts on this page. I used Baby Kruffy for the background font, Frosty for the title, and Pussycat for the Content titles.

I decided to keep the colour scheme simple and stick to the same colours as those used on the front. The pictures used on this page are to illustrate the stories inside of the magazine and also for decoration.

Monday, 12 October 2009

School Magazine; Front Cover

- Young, attractive model, in the same age range as the target audience, also a pupil at Heworth Grange. This attracts the target audience effectively because I used a familiar, younger, face.
- Model is also wearing the school P.E kit to link with the fact that this issue is majoratively about sports. This also makes him look smarter in appearance as well.
- The colour scheme of the magazine links in with the school's colours, blue and yellow, with the green and red to add variety, this is done to accentuate the idea that this is an internally produced magazine.
- To attract the attention of the readers, I included main headings that would make the them want to read inside of the magazine. So I used the recent dance show and made it obvious that tickets could be bought inside the magazine.
- I used 3 font styles on my front cover. Pussycat was used for the title of the magazine and the tags. Frosty for the tag headers. Tahoma for the price tag and issue date.

- The website is advertised in a banner along the bottom of the cover, I used bright colours to attract attention to it so that more readers would visit the site for more information.
- I also used the school logo on the cover to, again, convey that this is an internally produced magazine.