Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Audience Comments

I showed my work to a number of different potential audience members for my piece and these are some of the feedback comments made:

Lexi, 17: I thought this piece was very professional and inspiring. It looked as if it could be placed on a shelf with other magazines on the market and I especially loved the use of the red and blue colour scheme throughout!

Alysha, 16: I really like this piece! It looks real and the type of magazine I would buy, its very professional!

Laura, 17: I love how it's mature looking, and the juicy gossip on the front cover isn't overloaded. It's very unique and that's what I like! (:

Andrew, 19; The colours of the magazine make it look like a real unisex product. Like both boys and girls can enjoy it from the look of it, and the topics are something that everyone can enjoy! Very realistic.

Dean, 18; I think the magazine would definitely be seen on the shelves next to something like KERRANG! or Q or anything like that. Definitely a magazine I would spend money on! (:

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