Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Getting Started..

The main issue of the day is to get permission to film in our different locations. More specifically, places like Newcastle Airport & Fenwick's, we would have to email or phone well ahead of time to make sure that we would be allowed to film. Having already been in touch with Newcastle Airport (N.A) & Fenwick's, we've discovered that we cannot film in one of the locations (Fenwick's) because of the time of year it is. With them having to put up the famous window and also with over eager christmas shoppers trying to get all of their presents before december it would be far too busy for even our small camera crew to be in the way. N.A have been in touch, but nothing is yet confirmed. Cenrtal Station is a good alternative to N.A however we are having difficulty finding contact details for their head office at the moment to ask for filming permission. The other locations, are public. Therefore providing its not hideously busy (which on Northumberland Street, chances are it's going to be, but we kind of want that!) We can film easily without really needing to ask anyones permission to do so. Making our lives a lot easier. Happy days! (:

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