Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Location Shots

For the locations, we've decided to stay quite local, with the furthest we're going to travel to being South Shields. We went out and got some location shots so we could get a rough idea of where we could film different scenes and shots for our video. The following shots were taken in Newcastle city centre (The best place to be!) (:

This first shot was taken by the flats behind Black Friar's near China town (behind the Gate for anyone who is geographically incapable like myself). We decided this looked like a really nice, cute place to film some romantic memory scenes. Maybe some shots of the couple walking through past the flats to show where they live. It looks like a quiet little village somewhere: A very romantic setting for any young couple to fall in love (:

This area is just across from the picture above. Its a small park, where we though the couple could be filmed having a picnic or a cup of coffee. Again another memory shot for the video. The area is all natural with natural colouring, so it would make the scenes look a lot more real but the green colouring and the older looking buildings give a more 'homey' effect to the shot.

Coffee shops are a typical place for romance to happen. Even if it's a break up coffee or a get together coffee it still is a good place for sparks to ignite (: Again this is more for the memory shots than anything else, but we think that coffee shops are perfect for this part (even if we end up not using Starbucks).

We've decided for the chase scene (or at least one of them) we would have the girl going down onto the metro to get on and get try and to the airport/train station before the boy goes. The metro is the easiest option in terms of filming on public transport as we dont actually have to film her on the metro just film her getting onto it. Easy done!

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