Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Saturday, 19 March 2011

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout my project I have used a range of different media technologies in order to create a professional and creative piece of media filming.

A massive part of that has been the use of the Canon HD HG20 video camera. Becoming creative with moving images has been something that I'm glad to have been a part of, hard though it may have been. Having only used this type of equipment for this project it was all very new to me but I soon became accustomed to it and now I am able to do things like: zoom in and out without any bumps or jolts; pan across a landscape properly; record moving images; upload them onto a computer/mac.

Another huge part of our project was the use of iMovie on the Apple Mac HD computers. This editing software was used as a creative piece of technology and allowed us to create a smoother piece of media product and therefore it wouldn't have been possible to finisht the project without it. By using the different transition effects (moving from one shot to another) and by using the different filters it enabled us to get the exact professional finish that we wanted and also enabled us to create the right effect for things like the memory shots. It also allowed us to edit any saturation errors that were made during filming, so things like lighting and shadows were fairly easily rectified throughout this process.

Photoshop is another technology that has been very familiar to me for a number of years now, and our relationship is only getting better. By using it to create the digi pak, poster and advert it helped to create a fuller project and again made it look more realistic in the process.

Microsoft Word was used in order to create the questionnaires produced for the audience feedback. This was much easier than simply asking them to write down what they thought, or asking them to appear on video because some people do get very nervous and camera shy.

Blogspot has helped me to become a prosumer in the media industry. By using this, it means that I can create a worldwide audience for my project. I have also uploaded my video onto youtube, (which you can find on TheSophz1993 channel) and also onto Facebook. In doing this, my product them immediately becomes accessible worldwide and therefore gives me a much wider audience demographic and could (if I were to make some kind of profit out of this) potentially provide a lot more profit and this is something that most filmmakers are fully aware of. Hence why pre releases are always done via the web: To gain early interest and get the audience talking (much like Paranormal Activity)

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