Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Monday, 12 October 2009

School Magazine; Front Cover

- Young, attractive model, in the same age range as the target audience, also a pupil at Heworth Grange. This attracts the target audience effectively because I used a familiar, younger, face.
- Model is also wearing the school P.E kit to link with the fact that this issue is majoratively about sports. This also makes him look smarter in appearance as well.
- The colour scheme of the magazine links in with the school's colours, blue and yellow, with the green and red to add variety, this is done to accentuate the idea that this is an internally produced magazine.
- To attract the attention of the readers, I included main headings that would make the them want to read inside of the magazine. So I used the recent dance show and made it obvious that tickets could be bought inside the magazine.
- I used 3 font styles on my front cover. Pussycat was used for the title of the magazine and the tags. Frosty for the tag headers. Tahoma for the price tag and issue date.

- The website is advertised in a banner along the bottom of the cover, I used bright colours to attract attention to it so that more readers would visit the site for more information.
- I also used the school logo on the cover to, again, convey that this is an internally produced magazine.

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