Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


- This is the first take of my article. As you can see there are quite a few problems with this.
- Immediately, you can see there is a HUGE space underneath the title and the first part of the article (circled in white in case you missed it). I had planned on filling this gap in but it became to be a bigger problem as the original plan of getting a picture of a tour bus wasn't really possible as, unfortunately, I do not own my own personal tour bus.
- Another point is that the article is not written in columns, which is a often used convention of magazine articles. I did this to challenge these conventions to be a little bit different, but it didn't go so well..

- The title of the piece was another thing I decided I didn't like on this first take. It wasn't so much the actual title itself, it was predominately the font I used. I felt it didn't match the style of the magazine.
- This is a final version of my article. As you can see I decided to change quite a few things on it.
- Firstly, you'll notice that there isn't a HUGE gap right at the very start, instead I decided to change the layout slightly and edit a picture of the full band with a home made film strip, as a sort of collage of other photos of the boys, to add more decoration and variety.
- I've also changed the article itself to be written into columns, which has made the layout just look so much better than the first take. I did, however, keep the theme of the questions from the interview in blue and the answers in white to make it clearer to the audience which was which and also what format the article was in.
- The title has changed. I decided to make it a bit longer and a bit more subject specific so the audience are definitely clear on who the interview is about exactly.
- I've also decided to add a bit of a personal touch on this page as well, by making it look like the person featured in the article, Curt Rollo, has signed the bottom of the page right next to his picture. This also solved the problem of having another HUGE gap in the corner of my double page spread!

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