Connie Lim

Connie Lim

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Front Cover

- This is the first draft of my front cover. As you can see, there is some definite work to be done here.

- The picture is of very bad quality, if I'm going to be honest, even editing wouldn't be able to fix that.

- At this point I decided that using a different cover model would be better than trying to edit this one and spending more time on this than was necessary.
- This picture was definitely the better choice. The reasons for this are that:

*-- Without a doubt this is a much better quality photo.

*-- The model is more attractive than the previous model, and has a much better look and appeal about him. Its a lot more phesable for people to want to be like this model than possibly the other one.

*-- The pose for this model is much easier to work and works much better with the rest of the layout on the front cover.

*-- The pose also gives a much better feel of the model being a big name star as he is in a more powerful stance.

- This is the first take of the actual photgraph used for the front cover.

- The reason I didn't use this one is because the lighting was wrong. Making the picture too dark to be able to use.

- Also the angle of the camera was in the wrong place for what I wanted. You couldn't see enough of the model's face and the face he was actually making wasn't good enough for the front cover.

- Take two, and the picture still wasn't quite right. The model's face is too far over so it cannot be seen properly, which wasn't what i wanted.

- Also, I decided to change the way that he was facing, so I could have him looking up towards the title of the magazine, almost as though he is acknowledging it.

-The final take. This is the actual picture I used at the front cover and I really like this photograph.

- The reason I chose this is because you can see practically all of the model's face and outfit and the stance shows attitude and power.

- By using this picture it also made it alot easier for me to edit it as the lighting was perfect so there wasn't much editing to do with it.

- Going back to the final edit. The colour scheme has been kept to very simple and contrasting colours.

- By using red, blue, black and yellow I have made the text stand out more from the background. I've also added a shadow effect to also help it stand out.

- I got the idea of using these colours from Q magazine, which is featured in my previous blog, Music Magazine Research, they also use a similar colour scheme and it works because it has remained their colour scheme throughout their many years of production.

- In the tags on the front cover I have popular bands and gigs that people would know and recognise in order to entice my target audience. I've also used recent events such as Michael Jackson's film release.

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